Race & Ethnicity Initiatives

Courageous Conversations

A key component of the mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to address race and social inequality on the Rutgers-Camden campus. To do this, we have created a Courageous Conversation series to start open and honest dialogue about key issues facing our campus. This particular initiative is based on research that shows while the majority of people recognize that individuals perceive race differently and that inequality exists, few feel ready or willing to have open and honest conversations about inequality. Our sustained dialogue series will carefully and critically address race and intersecting identities issues that help the Rutgers- Camden community process inequality. Guest speakers will attend periodically.

Men & Women of Color Initiative

The National Center For Education Statistics shows that since 2014, ethnic groups are increasing in institutional settings more than ever, yet in contrast, their educators in the U.S. are overwhelmingly white. This disparity presents feelings of inequity amongst students of color. The Men & Women of Color initiative is a supportive network that connects students to faculty and staff of color on campus to explore mentorship, foster safe relationships, and discuss difficult themes surrounding the person of color experience in higher education.